Resident Evil 6: The Final Chapter

The film “Resident Evil 6: The Final Chapter”

The iconic franchise to all who see in computer games are not just killing time, and another kind of contemporary art. This is a legendary series, so it is not surprising that it has found its place on the screen. And if the first films were close to the canons, we played on the atmosphere and attracted even those who have never heard of Raccoon City, Alice and the Umbrella Corporation, the last part turned into a set of special effects with inserts of inspirational phrases.

Milla Jovovich in the latter part of Resident Evil

However, the fan-base in the series is incredible, and, as it should be, for all of sequential paintings, the last part of waiting with a special look, in order to finally find out what the outcome of the story of the heroine Mila Jovovich.

In the original film subtitled Final Chapter, which clearly indicates that it is the completion of which will be released. Although it is also known that the leading lady talking about one of the heroines, mentioned that she may still appear in the Final Chapter part 2. Therefore, it is likely that even this series of films will undergo general fashion to share a common numbering of the few not to think The timing and, of course, a little more money. If you are interested, when Resident Evil 6 will be released, the release date of the new film in Russia — 2017.

frame from the trailer for the film “Resident Evil last chapter”

The plot of the movie

The plot of the film “Resident Evil 6: The Final Chapter” is the end of the whole story, because the heroine and her companions, Jill Valentine, Leon Kennedy and even Alex Wesker and the other returned to the mansion, situated in Raccoon City. Red Queen wants to destroy the entire planet, so this time the stakes are especially high. Another difficulty in the fight militia groups and particularly Alice hordes of zombies and evil corporation is that the main character has lost his super-powers, and can now only rely on herself.

Please note that the subject of the picture is based on the computer game, so if you have this kind of entertainment is not alien, it is recommended to play in order to experience that same atmosphere that was originally conceived it in games. Watch the trailer and vote with what exactly the project is to begin acquaintance with the series. the main character and vampires
The main character and vampires

Premiere date

Movie Release Date Resident Evil 6 on the screens shifted several times, and most of all it is connected with pregnancy performer starring:

Originally the film was to please all the fans back in 2014;
Then Jovovich at Twitter announced that it will appear only in 2015;
Then, the date has shifted even one year later;
Now it is known that “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” will be released in 2017, on 27 January.

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The main role in the final episode will perform Milla Jovovich, who fights zombies on screen since 2002, Ellie Larter, Shawn Roberts, Iain Glen and others. It is also known that the film will debut in 2017 for the Japanese model Rolls. An interesting fact is associated with the actress Sienna Guillory, who previously played the role of Jill Valentine. The fact that Milla Jovovich, speaking at the social networks of their colleagues, mentioned that played the role of Jill does not seem on the screens in 2017, but its occurrence can be expected in the second part.

This is the clear indication that even if Paul Anderson and has finished with the franchise, it is, in itself, does not cease to exist. Although, perhaps, is that the director, claiming that the film would be his last in this series simply forgot to mention that he was going to divide it immediately into 2 parts. For fans and spectators in general, the main thing — that it was done not only to increase the cash register, and to a certain message was incorporated into each of the paintings. Thus, it will be really effective solution.

brave team

Film director

Yes, by the way, on the film, as in the past, working husband Milla Jovovich — Paul Anderson. He put his hand to all parts of the franchise, except the third, so, at least, on the observance of the canons, created by the film, you can not survive. Fans will be satisfied, and the wait is long, because the release date of the film — 2017.

Accidents during filming

The shooting took place mainly in South Africa, in Cape Town. Unfortunately, the complexity of special effects and the overall dynamics of the films from which the creators have not moved in the last scene, but rather, on the contrary, gained speed, led to accidents. First understudy Milla Jovovich, Olivia Jackson suffered when directly during the filming of her motorcycle crashed into a crane camera.

She spent in a coma the whole 2 weeks, and the amount of damage it was just great. She’s paralyzed arm, broken neck and burned part of the face. She survived, but lost her hand. Second, a tragic incident occurred on December 3 when one of the crew members died because of falling props. By the way, already December 9 shooting was completed.

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