Transformers 5 Last Knight

“Transformers 5 Last Knight” 2017 — continuation of the story
Franchise “Transformers” — a perfect example of how a marketing ploy to increase sales of toys, led to the creation of an entire universe continues to expand and grow to this day. Robots — a favorite pastime of boys, and even to the same with the possibility of transformation, and so have the right to succeed. But Hasbro warning in advance and the company signed a contract on cooperation with Marvel Comics.poster the film Transformers 5

Now the sale should go hand in producing the series and comics about robots grandiose. It happened all in the distant 80-ies. And now come the release of the fifth (!) Installment in the franchise called “Transformers 5. The Last Knight”, which will be released in the next 2017.

The history

The saga of “Transformers” has become a textbook example of the entertainment cinema, which despite the dislike of critics, could cross the billion-dollar box office figures. It all started with the launch of the first animated series in 1984, aged 4 seasons. In 1986 it was decided to complete the story safely release a full-length cartoon. But this did not happen and some animated films that exploit the story with transformers continue to go still por.hudozhestvenny poster


In the feature film premiere release of the tape about the Transformers took place in 2007. The first “Transformers”, seemed to be doomed to failure, so unflattering to them how the fans react to this universe, the more critics. The focus of the story was not made on the robots themselves, but the main characters — Sam Witwicky and Mikaela. Iron thugs became secondary characters. More or less clearly explained was the storyline of Optimus Prime — Transformers chapter.

Despite the flow of negative reviews, “Transformers” broke the box office record for the first day of output to the screen. The film’s director Michael Bay somehow mysteriously able to make a film, full of fight scenes, reveals the bad characters, but spectacular, entertaining and interesting ….

$ 700 million collected from the film, inspired the authors to continue producing. This happened after 2 years. “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” to repeat the fate of his predecessor. The picture, taken the same crew, earned a flurry of critics and earned more than 860 million.

Bay continued to bet on the entertainment side of the franchise in the future. The following two pictures “Dark Side of the Moon” and “The era of destruction” were films grossed a billion dollars. Thus, Michael Bay has created the fifth all-time cinema film existence, who earned a total of space (we are talking about the “Dark Side of the Moon”).

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What will be the fate of this, the last at this point, the film will show time. Released “Transformers 5. Last Knight” in the US is scheduled for June 23, 2017. What we actually expect, will understand “Transformers 5” trailer in Russian. While the network is no official announcement of the picture. So we have patience and carefully reviewed movie news trying to find news related to “release date trailer” Transformers 5 “.


Initially viewed film in 2017 wore a completely different name — “Transformers: Rise of the Galvatorna”. This explains the features of the plot, which, however, still remains unexplained until the end of the part of the filmmakers.

So, we can assume that in the fifth installment in the franchise “Transformers 5. Last Knight” will talk about the revival and the return of Megatron — the main antagonist of Transformers. In what form will the revival of the heads of all diseptikonov is unclear (because the latter film, he almost completely lost his body, but his spirit was resurrected in the guise Galvatorna), but what is unseen is coming is still a battle, it is obvious and does not require dokazatelstv.kadr from the trailer a film about Transformers 5

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The director of this piece, which is scheduled for release in 2017, is longtime Michael Bay. He has repeatedly hinted that it would be his last work in this project. But how seriously this statement, we can not judge, because Bay has twice put forward such claims.
Producing tape masters of their craft — Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Ian Brayns Tom DeSanto, Don Murphy. Is manufactured by Paramount Pictures in conjunction with Hasbro.

Features synopsis prescribed Akiva Goldsman with its large team of writers.

Operator of the project — Jonathan Sela, known for his work on “John Wycombe”.
It is noteworthy that the shooting of the film took place partially in Havana, Cuba (this is only the second case of this kind in 60 years!). Also on display will light up Phoenix (AZ), Detroit (Michigan), Chicago (Illinois). Assess the extent of the work will Trailer film “Transformers 5. Last Knight”, the emergence of which is expected for a long time and look.