Hello Slumber

Why hello all those in slumber
Held back by the density of your numbers
Held back by the assumptions
Presumably the functions
of your earth and its moon.
Feet dragging through
the thick atmosphere
lungs filled with what you’ve been told
is in your air
but its simple here
much more simple here
Then all your textbooks
and circus acts
looking for a code to crack
It’s written in your DNA
binary primary directives
name for what you call “days”
All lies fed from the tie and vest
when truth is in your mothers nest
the dirt you find so rich and dense.
Hello slumbering land
Listen to the dreams
The dr.s told you were anomalies
on a planet where
Everything is equated
perfectly planted situated.
do you really believe
coincidence is in the lead?
Not I not me.
Manifesting what’s desired
Knowing that the heart conceives.

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