Airport Research — 11th Oct

Airport Research Survey

Research on Archetype

•The initial evidence to support my research was taken during 5 face to face interviews with 8 questions on their experience at airports

•The participants all had slightly different experiences at airports however generally speaking their differences weren’t huge. They were directly personal related differences to the individual rather than the airport it’s self;

•Tiredness and exhaustion resulting in impatience’s due to the style of travelling they had done (backpacking)

•Irritated if flight is cancelled or delayed because it impacts future plans

•Common behavioral pattern from the people who I interviewed

•Experienced travellers

•Comfortable travellers

  • Organized travellers
  • Self sufficient travellers

Type of Archetype

•After the initial face two face questions the results showed that the majority of the interviewees archetype was under the category of ‘Confident Travellers’

•The second part of the research, was an online survey, through Survey Monkey, to help understand why those travellers were confident at the airport. I found this difficult as I did not specifically ask what can be improved at an airport. I was trying to understand why they were so confident, so my thought process went to the steps of how they became so confident prior to getting to the airport.


•They are frequent travellers

•They pre-plan their trips up to 4months in advance, so they are organised

•They have travelled enough times to understand the general flow of an airport

•They didn’t’t seem to have too many concerns when visiting airports

•They knew generally where things were located at airports

•They were use to the facilities

•They were able to find information if needed, by asking for assistance

•They had access through mobile to see changes

•Areas for improvement an airport for a ‘Confident Traveller’

•Ensure signage is clearly readable in multiple languages

•Ensure signage for renovations and upgrades are clearly visible and understood

•Provide frequent travellers a faster check-in/security/boarding express lane access

•Provided with extra incentives to continue to travel frequently, bumping up to business or first class, discounted fairs, exit aisle seat

Problem to be solved

  • Less waiting around at airport prior to boarding


Once checked in online, the next iteration for the carriers app is to provide you with information on your gate location and distance to get there from security location.

Job Story

When I complete my check-in online I want to then be informed approximately how long it will take me to get from security through to my gate so I can plan my time more efficiently.

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