Strange things can happen when you stray from the path. Short story.

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Photo by Jaunathan Gagnon on Unsplash

I shouldn’t have drifted away from the group, but I had my friend with me and that made me brave. The coach had stopped in a layby just off the forest road. We were still an hour or two away from the castle so our teacher said we could get out and stretch our legs for half an hour.

The other girls stayed near the coach where there were some rocks to sit on, but I walked down to the trees, where a rough fence of untreated logs…

Short fiction. Butterflies — beautiful, delicate… evil?

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Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

I heard my wife screaming and banging on a window so I ran to the bottom of the stairs. “What is it?” I called, “Honey, are you alright?”

“It’s Sheema,” she called back, “She’s got butterflies on her!”

“Shit,” I muttered, turning and hurrying towards the back of the house.

I yanked open the cleaning cupboard and frantically rummaged through the contents, the clattering of boxes and brushes cascading around my head blocking out the shouts from upstairs. When I emerged clutching a swatter and a can of ‘Fly killer, my wife’s cries resumed “…them off her, Jay, get them…

Dad had always been bad with money. Still, I was surprised to hear that he’d taken out a second mortgage. It had been nearly twenty years ago that he’d bought his body so he only had five years to go on the original mortgage. He had been buying beyond his means at the time, but by now the repayments were fairly manageable. The body was a classic. Models in great condition exchanged hands for thousands. Of course, Dad’s wasn’t in great condition. As much as he loved it, these days his body’s value was mainly sentimental. …

Kay B

I mainly write scifi and weird fiction.

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