Pray, move, nourish!



Starting this coming Monday, November 9th through Wednesday, November 11th, I’m hosting a free prayer, fitness and nutrition program .

The morning prayer routine is new for me, but the benefits I’ve experienced in the past few weeks have been nothing short of amazing. Thinking about God’s love, reflecting on miracles and graces abundant in my life have allowed me a rebirth of my Roman Catholic faith. I am truly blessed, and want to share that love and abundance with the world.

Fitness shows God that you honor your body that He has given you. Especially in good health, being grateful for the movements we are able to make, why not strengthen it, invigorating it for the glory of God?

There are certain foods that lift the mood, allowing us to be happier, able to have a smiling face for the world around us- our love being spread all around us is good for the world. Whole foods, clean eating, and being grateful and present while eating are all very important. Praying for those who are without food before we eat will also bring us closer to God and help us to appreciate all that we have in our lives.

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