Film Festivals Galore!

From September until November there are three different film festivals going on in main centres around New Zealand, with plenty on offer, and it’s all free!

The German Film Festival showcases German-speaking films from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the Latin America & Spain Film Festival offers films from 11 different countries, and it’s all topped off by the Japan Film Festival. With all that available, SQUARE has put together a list of our favourites to help you choose.

Miguel and William / Miguel y William - Comedy

This Spanish movie is a comedy involving William Shakespeare, who falls in love with Leonor, the daughter of a Spanish merchant, and follows her to Spain to stop her marriage to a Duke. Leonor tries to bring him together with Miguel de Cervantes to write a comedy to celebrate her wedding, but her plans go awry… More details here.

Paula - Drama

‘Paula’ tells the story of an exuberant young woman in provincial Germany in the year 1900, who is determined to break with convention and become an artist. It follows the ups and downs of art school, marriage, domesticity and following your dreams. More details here.

Goodbye Berlin - Comedy

14-year-old outsider Maik Klingenberg is planning on spending the summer alone in his parents’ villa when Tschick shows up. Goodbye Berlin is a comedy about two unlikely friends who go on a summer adventure through eastern Germany, without a map or a compass. More details here.

The Mohican Comes Home - Family Drama

This Japanese drama follows the homecoming of a young man after seven years. Now the vocalist for a death-metal band, he returns to his family home intending to marry his pregnant girlfriend, only to find out that his headstrong father has been diagnosed with cancer. More details here.

No Filter / Sin Filtro - Comedy

What would happen if you said everything you’re thinking? This Chilean comedy is about Pia, whose boss humiliates her, husband ignores her, stepson does not respect her, and whose best friend does not listen to her. After an acupuncturist realises that all of her unresolved feelings are the cause of strong chest pains, he uses an ancient technique to remove her internal filter, leading to hilarious results. More details here.

Democracy - Documentary

This documentary shows the David vs. Goliath struggle to strengthen data protection in Europe, subject US companies to European Union laws and prevent large companies from using personal data for advertising purposes. Civil rights clash with economic interests in the fight to introduce the European Data Protection Law. More details here.

The Story of Me / O Contador de Histórias - Drama

The movie is based on the real story of Brazilian storyteller Roberto Carlos Ramos, who was committed to an institution for poor children in Brazil at the age of 6. Still illiterate at 13, he is considered a lost cause until he meets Margherit, a French pedagogue. Both find their beliefs challenged, as the power of love and affection alter their realities. More details here.

My Love Story - Romantic Comedy

Adapted from manga, this Japanese comedy follows the slapstick romantic antics of a pure-hearted and sincere high-school student with the looks of a meathead. More details here.

With plenty of comedies, dramas, and even some family films there’s something for everyone at the film festivals on now. To find out what’s on next in your city just search for #filmfestival or #film on SQUARE, or you can keep up with upcoming events by signing up. To see everything that’s going on near you browse events on SQUARE.

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