A Night of Significance

I’ve decided to begin using Medium as a scratchpad for things like half-drunken ramblings or “bus ride” writing. This is the first post in my Scratchpad series.

A night of significance is one on which ordinary events take on exaggerated characteristics. Like a night on which mediocre food on any other Tuesday has the filling, pleasant effect of a large pot roast; like the decadent feasts of a bygone era that you, in your earthly mind, never thought you would experience. So is the dazzling effect of the “special moment” — that sought after, commercialized thing that most often evades the ones who seek it. Your earthly mind is so constrained (and you know it) but in its darkest recesses it still knows the ethereal. So full, your belly, with a knowledge of something more. You sit and pat it in your brown, corduroy recliner as the magic disappears. The more you name it the more it’s gone.

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