Technology and time

Regardless my long (or short — that’s relative) stay not only in the center of IT companies concentration, but also in the society of happy owners of a proud title “Software engineer”; startups, caring about their employees healthy eating habits, stock options; projects of all kind of focuses: replacing finger prick with a silicon bandaid to test blood glucose levels (Sano), developing self-driving trucks (Otto), renting a place for a nap (Recharge), and so many other awesome projects, such a simple thought as becoming one of the most-wanted specialist never crossed my mind.

Today, such a poor judgement definitely surprises me. Thinking about the all possible reasons, I do understand it might be the result of me never finding programming an attractive field for me, or maybe because I was too busy trying to find my way as a translator — interesting, but not exactly in a high demand job. Thinking about it now, I can also assume that I actually thought that I can’t possibly like programming. But isn’t it obvious that one can’t not like something that he/she is not familiar with? The only worthy of respect rejection is the one in fully conscious awareness — yes, I tried, yes, I learned, but I am not interested in doing it.

Everyone is free to choose their favorite occupation, but it also happens that an occupation might choose you. High technology era does somehow remind me of the Silver Age of Russian Poetry. People, in one way or another, related to literature and poetry gathered together, organized reading meetups, spent lots of time at each other houses where they were reciting poems, declaiming passages or were simply listening. I think, that any person spending time in this society and living in this epoch, tried to write, compose or portray something.

That’s how it is here — in Silicon valley, living in the High Tech era, it’s hard not to consider about a possibility of keeping pace with the time and try your luck and your ability in the programming field. I am not an exception, and I am going to try to find myself in this most-in-demand profession. I do feel that I have a good potential, essential qualities and my endless desire to learn something new. I really hope that this period of my life will be extremely exciting, incredibly interesting and will provide a steady push in my development in this new direction.

I do believe that people who put their heart and soul into work, sacrifice lots of their time, exhaust their energy reserves, can help me in my undertakings. I am lucky enough to get to know such people — founders and employees of the Holberton School. That is exactly why I want to take my first step into IT world with their help.

Hope to see you all soon!