Why Crypto Community Management Is So Different

Katya Kozyreva
3 min readAug 1, 2018


Community management is as old as human communities exist. However, as a marketing discipline, it became popular just a few decades ago. Being highly dependend on cultural pecularities and traditions, Community management involves a vast diversity of strategies and tools, which may differ strongly in Western and Asian countries.

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The crypto-world forms space for all types of interaction between people from litterally all possible regions of planet Earth. No wonder that companies developing blockchain based projects experience difficulties communicating their mission. It requires specific knowledge, intercultural skills and a lot of patience to get the message over correctly. These factors are leading to the formation of a new generation of community managers: globally thinking, cosmopolitan, and open-minded.

Crypto communities form themselves around not-yet-existing products. One might say that they’re forming around an idea, but that is not really true. A couple of years ago, when ICOs easily reached the hard cap basing just on a White paper and a decent website (some didn’t even have as much as that), people were investing into ideas and teams. Now, when the ‘crazy money’ period is over and the market resembles the traditional ventures, great ideas are not enough. Companies need to prove their consistensy and conscientiousness to potential investors and, what is more, maintain a positive climat within the community after the token sale is finished.

Building a strong community requires transparency and involvement of all team members. It is becoming an essential part of the companies’ reputation strategy. Hiring a couple of students to moderate a group on Telegram is not only inefficient and ridiculous, but puts a threat to the whole venture.

The main task of a Community manager of any crypto project is to build trust between the team and the investors. Building trust requires engagement. The ups and downs of the market and the great number of wildcatters flooding to the groups of successful projects make the task even more difficult. One must keep in mind that all groups of investors are essential to the project and find ways to engage with all of them.

In this blog, I will share my ideas and experience of working with crypto-communities. As a proffessional communicator, I have been working in this field since 2011, and the past two years — in the crypto space specifically. I am managing all kinds of social media and communities for crypto projects at Vinci PR, a global communication agency. Should you have any questions or suggestions on the topics to cover first, feel free to let me know in a comment.

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Katya Kozyreva

Community & Social Media enthusiast for all things crypto. Head of Social Media & Community Management at Vinci PR.