ClassPasser’s Guide to NYC

I’ve been doing ClassPass in NYC for over a year and I absolutely love it. Having done over 150 classes and tried everything from The Tone House to Kundalini meditation, I decided to put together a list of my favorite classes that are both generally available through ClassPass and are fun and different from the old boring spin class. I generally do classes in lower Manhattan and my favorite classes tend to be a combination of high intensity interval training and cardio. I hope this gives you some workout ideas or encourages you to try out a new studio!

Weight Training/HIIT:

Warrior Bootcamp (Williamsburg): This is my favorite high intensity workout on ClassPass. This class will challenge you. You will push heavy sandbags around the track. You will run up and down stairs carrying heavy water jugs. You will be called out on your shit if you’re not giving it your all. It is probably one of the toughest workouts on ClassPass, but all the exercises are doable and you can go at your own pace. My favorite instructor is Alex.

Exceed Physical Culture (Tribeca, Upper East Side): Exceed does awesome circuit training full body workouts, similar to The Fhitting Room, except you can actually book it through ClassPass! The classes generally start with a warm up followed by several circuits that focus on strength and conditioning and utilize kettlebells, TRX and the rowing machines. Workouts are always different and I always learn one or two new exercises and end up sore in awkward places.

Kore (West Village): This is an awesome class that is a good mix of strength training and cardio. It usually starts with a cardio warmup, followed by abs, legs and arms. You’ll do a lot of squats, sumo squats, side-to-side squats, squat jumps, squats with a heavy kettlebell, squats with a lighter kettlebell, you get the idea. The class always follows the same structure, but they mix up the exercises to keep your muscles challenged and to keep the workouts fun. The music is also great!

Conbody (Lower East Side): This is a prison style bootcamp where you do exercises against your own body weight in a “prison cell” with no equipment. Coss Marte, the founder, got fit while serving a sentence in prison and lost seventy pounds in six months! The instructors are all ex-convicts who are passionate about health and fitness. Take the class with Sultan, he is the best!


DanceBody (Tribeca, Union Square, Midtown): Have you ever tried cardio dance? I get bored during traditional low impact cardio such as spinning or running and I’m in love with this style of workout. I do the DanceBody Follow Along classes, where you don’t learn the choreography but just try to follow what the instructor is doing. I’ve always been afraid to do dance classes because I’m extremely uncoordinated, but this class feels like a judgement free zone and leaves me feeling positive and energized.

Overthrow New York Boxing Club (Noho): Boxing is another really fun type of cardio that I highly recommend. The gym can be a little intimidating, but the instructors actually teach you proper form and give you the much needed encouragement. In my opinion, everyone needs some quality time with a punching bag once in a while.

Brooklyn Boulders (Queensbridge): If you are into rock climbing or bouldering, you can book a day pass through ClassPass and save on that $32 day pass! This is such an amazing deal that I wish I learned about it earlier! I’ve been going bouldering twice a month and I started out barely being able to do V0s and now I can do most of the V2s. In addition to lots of climbing space, they also have a fully featured CrossFit gym downstairs and a yoga room. I like to follow climbing with a few sets of ropes and then torture my friends by forcing them to do a nine minute plank with me in the yoga room.

What’s your favorite class on ClassPass? Let me know in the comments and I will make sure to try it!