I think everyone thought about things what should do before you die. It can be like bucket list or just ideas. In my free time, I think a lot of it, because then I don’t want to look back on my life with regret. One of my points relates to Ivana Kupala’s celebration. I like this holiday, and every year I try to fete it, but I never jump over fire, in this year my small dream came true. 7 July has unique atmosphere when you celebrate with your friends or family. Everyone in ESS was able to take part in Bonfire and could feel the part of the community. Girls collected flowers and made crown when boys sang the Ukrainian choirs. Then we all danced together around the fire. It is worth mentioning that most were in embroidered shirt. It was indeed amazing. But the most interesting thing began when we started to blow over the fire. The truth was not without the victims. But it did not spoil the holiday. I think each of us will remember this year’s Ivan Kupala with special emotions.