The Sell Out
Jay W. Cobb

No main stream media outlet has “sold out” to Trump. They have all spent a fair amount of time over his campaign, but there are only a few on Fox News that you can tell don’t think he’s a complete moron. And in all honestly, you shouldn’t be able to tell who any journalist supports. It’s what is wrong with the mainstream media in general. They can’t report anything without letting their opinion be known. It is not an ethical way to “report” the news. To say that the “right wing” media has sold out to Trump is just outright not true. NO ONE wants Trump to be president — the left or the right. The reason your good friend is a Trump supporter and is “normal” as you say is because he recognizes common sense when he sees it. Trump says outrageous things so that the media will cover him. Without doing so he would not have gotten as far as he has. Supporting LEGAL immigration is not racist. Let Mr. Trump’s actions speak louder than his words. His track record with finances (in my opinion the largest threat to our current way of life) speaks for itself. I just can’t believe anyone would have the nerve to say the “right wing” media has sold out to Trump. Completely laughable and probably a regurgitation of something you have heard someone else say.

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