College Students Shouldn’t Work Exclusively to Graduate
Danielle Corcione

I worked and paid my way through my undergrad too although in my case my parents made too much money for me to qualify for any need-based aid and I totally agree with you. I went to an inexpensive public regional university an hour from my house and 30 minutes from my job. I worked a 4am-8am shift at a retail store stocking waking up at 3am to get there and many semesters I had 9am class which meant leaving work right at 8am driving straight to campus, scrambling for parking, walking a half mile to class and still being late and in a grubby work uniform. I once fell asleep during my stats class and the professor shook me awake to ask me a question, I was really embarrassed. I now attend a private university for my Ph.D. and I see the students on full rides from scholarships or from their parents and they have so much better university experiences. They are awake during class, they can join extracurriculars, they can conduct more research than I could, they form important social connections, and overall they seem to suck the marrow out of university in a way my exhausted debt free self never could. I think it’s irresponsible and increasingly impossible to expect students to pay for their whole education with money they earned, and I did it.

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