Sometime during my work play or while waking up or during the taffic my mind goes on a ride.What techinics you would recommend A) To practice mindfulness & 2) To get the control back when mind is on a swing
I also have been facing this mind chattering a lot & have done doubly washed a tons of time in my…
Kavish Jash

Hi Kavish. Thanks for your response. I would highly recommend Jon Kabat Zinn’s book “Mindfulness for Beginners” as a place to start with mindfulness practice. You can also google mindfulness breathing meditation to find some nice guided meditations online. I find them helpful especially before bed. Mindfulness doesn’t necessarily give us control over our minds but rather gives us a bit more distance to be able to see all that chatter as “just thoughts” instead of getting carried away and overwhelmed by it. Check out meditation groups in your area or find a mindfulness based therapist for more support. Good luck in your journey!!

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