When You Can’t Be the Person The Internet Wants You to Be
Felicia C. Sullivan

It’s really comforting to see how many decent and normal people are here, commenting at their best. I agree with your post word by word. I find that circus-positivism annoying and utterly stupid. No, being always positive and calm and serene won’t change the shitty reality we live in. It has not stopped any war till now. So punching a boxing-bag or writing down all the pain and frustration we go through seems a better solution to me. I wish I could change the world in a split of a second but I know I can’t. I cannot take you out for a doughnut because I live on another continent. But I can lend you an ear, a shoulder to lean on and I can follow your posts closely to keep in touch. My warmest thoughts and my best hopes for you. Keep swimming! There’s a bunch of us in the same turbulent flow….

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