She was beautiful beyond comparison and her beauty was matched by her passionate temper. Her wide, turquoise eyes reflected her emotions on a grandiose scale. When she was calm and serene, her eyes were translucent pools of blue and green, lovingly reflecting the high dome of azure skies and all the light that was raining from above. But not all her days were like that.

Sometimes, dark streams erupted from the deep, chasing away the freshness of light greens and blues. On these days, the soul-mirrors turned ashen, streaks of muddy green mixing furiously with steel blue and violent grey. Those days her entire being was engulfed by rage, pain and mindless passion. Nothing, no one could stand in her way….Except maybe…him.

He was standing calm but determined, facing her tantrums. He was holding an inner light that has always mesmerized her. She loved and hated that light with equal passion. She loved him. She was leaning on him lovingly in her good days; she was ready to bring him down in her tempestuous days. Despite this roller-coaster love, he kept standing, softly smiling with lights flickering in his eyes.

She was the SEA and he was the LIGHTHOUSE.

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