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I left Oslo, Norway for Copenhagen, Denmark to visit Taylor Seeley, my friend from UCSB. A few years ago I was at Evan McNiel and Sam Hayden’s apartment when they were interviewing possible housemate candidates. They both played soccer at UCSB and I spent a majority of my college experience in their Garden Court apartment. I saw a ton of their roommates come and go due to the nature of UCSB soccer. Taylor was their first non-athlete roommate and during the interview process I remember saying: “Taylor will be cool, the other guy..not so much.” Shortly after that, Taylor moved in and Evan and Sam loved him. Such a great friend of mine, and completely level-headed. I haven’t seen him in two years (nor have I really seen anyone from college because I moved up to the bay area) but when I saw him it was like nothing had ever changed.

The crazy small-world-story I have is that Taylor was messaging me back-and-forth about coming to visit and during that process, his friend Marley Herrick saw my name and said, “Katy Roby, did she play soccer in San Diego?” Marley happens to be my good friend’s step-sister, Hannah Barressi. Yes, a lot of names in this story. Anyways, I ended up staying at Marley’s apartment because her apartment was bigger than Taylor’s and how can you not be the coolest girl when your name is Marley? Marley is one of the happiest, fun-loving people I have ever met. Between her, Taylor and I we were constantly doing the weirdest stuff and I enjoyed every minute of it. Actually that’s a lie. I did not enjoy running home in the pouring rain at 5am. They got me through it after I prayed to God to send me a taxi and to stop the rain. It didn’t happen. But they kept me going.

I have not met a city I haven’t liked and Copenhagen is no exception. There are so many Californians in Copenhagen, I at times forgot where I was. Then I would see the unwavering beauty by the canals and was instantly reminded. It was Poway-Sunny 5 out of the 7 days I was there. So unbelievably sunny that I, (the girl that is always freezing) was sweating. We even went out in a go-boat one day and I was tempted to jump in with my clothes on. HOT. Then one night it decided to rain like hell. I have never been so soaked in my entire life. The video above will show the beauty of Copenhagen.


I think one of the most intriguing parts of Copenhagen is a little independent district called Christiania. Christiania has it’s own flag that is red with 3 yellow dots, and when you exit, it says “You are now entering the EU.” Apparently Christiania was an abandoned military base that was taken over by basically hippies and is still inhabited and regulated by hippies. They have 9 laws that make up Christiania Law:

Christiania is one of the most interesting places I think to still be in existence today. One politician had an interesting statement on the commune stating, “Christiania is a dwelling for people who wish to live in a different manner” — Christian Wedell-Neergaard, the Christiania-spokesperson for the governing Conservative Party. I find it intriguing that this place is allowed to survive based on that principle. And why should it not? They regulate and are living what they believe to be a “good life.”

After traveling for a month – being in four cities in 30 days, I have realized that I have completely and utterly changed my lifestyle. I went from: waking up early, working out nearly every day, eating healthy, drinking only on weekends or occasions to: eating a Garfield diet of mainly pizza, hamburgers, and kebab/doner/shwarma/whateveryouwanttocallit, barely working out, drinking frequently, and now I am starting to wither away. Which is kind of foreshadowing because I met a girl my age at the start of my trip who had been traveling for 6 weeks doing the same thing, and was coughing up a storm. She said it was worth it. I agree, but I am definitely going to go back to normal in Amsterdam – or atleast as close back to how I am at home as possible!

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