How I’m Resisting #Resistance Fatigue

Because the world is dark and full of terrors.

To say that things are difficult right now is a gross understatement. Literally every hour there is a new story to read, a new tweet to be outraged about. It can be overwhelming. Even when I sleep I am plagued by stress dreams. So where is the respite? How are we supposed to survive 4 years of this? (lol yeah right there is no way he is lasting 4 years!).

Even when it doesn’t feel like the “End of Days” I struggle with self-care, so I am by no means an expert on the subject. But it’s more important now than ever so here are a few things that have been helping me survive lately.

  1. Make Your Bed. Everyday. I mean it! This is so simple. It takes 5 minutes and will help keep your head clear. These days of information overload are exhausting and we need our rest; your beds should be a haven. Maybe consider buying yourself new sheets or a bedspread to make it extra special?
  2. Turn off the news and close your computer. We can’t all read everything. There are a lot of us, we can share the responsibility of staying on top of things. Plus, the news changes drastically hour to hour; one minute a judge issues a stay — the next minute the DOJ is fighting that stay. It is dizzying. So, it is time to start tempering our knee jerk reactions and watch to see how things unfold. We don’t need to comment/post about every issue as they arise. I’m not saying check out, I am saying take breaks. Trust that if something huge happens, you will know about it.
  3. Put on some music and dance. No matter how good I feel in the morning these days (which, tbh, is never very good) I usually end up feeling anxious around 2:00 pm. This is when I put on some music and dance. I dance like a damn fool, and make myself laugh. It releases endorphins and reminds me that there actually ARE still good things in the world. I was recently talking with a friend, and said that I am having a hard time finding things that bring me joy right now. And he told me that it isn’t about seeking joy, it is about allowing ourselves to BE joy — and I think that is true. So, turn on up the music and vibrate a little.
  4. Listen to non political podcasts — Don’t get me wrong, I am all about a good political podcast (Pod Save the World, The Axe Files and Girl Friday are my current jams) but let’s not forget all the other educational, heartwarming and inspirational content that is out there. I highly recommend The Moth Radio Hour, Beautiful Conversations with Anonymous People and (of course) This American Life. I have actually increased the number of walks I take in order to fit in all this podcast listening, which is yet another form of self-care we should all indulge in. Plus, if this is the beginning of the end, it can’t hurt to be fit. Bonus!
  5. Try upside down drawing famous people’s faces. This is really easy, fun and dumb. Simply find a picture of someone you want to draw (the older, more weathered the person the better) flip it upside down, and on a separate piece of paper start drawing, also upside down. Looking at a face from this angle allows you to see the lines of their face from a different perspective. When you are done, flip it over and have a laugh at how dumb it looks. I am a terrible drawer, but sometimes I do this and really surprise myself by how accurate it turns out.
  6. Expose yourself to other points of view. Not to change your resolve, but to understand where people are coming from. This one is controversial, I know, and if not done properly can cause even more stress. I admittedly don’t have many “conservative” people in my circle, and in the wake of the election I avoided talking about current events with them. However, as things develop, I have found it helpful to check in from time to time and see how they are feeling. Sometimes I am comforted by the fact that they also are unhappy with a current piece of news. Sometimes, I am outraged by the fact that they AREN’T. But, regardless, I’ve found that if a) we both keep level heads and b) can find points of agreement — I sometimes feel like we just might find our way through this. Because as things progress, resisting this administration will go beyond party politics — we need everyone. Which is why I think it is important to extend the olive branch — when we can — and find as much common ground as possible.
  7. Buy yourself a Monq. I am someone who enjoys smoking (the now legal) medical marijuana from time to time, especially when I am feeling anxious. These days, however, I am always feeling anxious, and I’ll be damned if Donald Trump is going to ruin our world AND drive me to substance abuse. No thanks. Which is why I was so excited to discover Monq. They have created aromatherapy diffuser’s that come in a variety of blends — from stress relief to happy- and they are dope! I just got mine and I love it.

Ok, that’s what I have so far. I hope it helps. Please share with me any other ways you have discovered to stay sane and healthy. I love you.

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