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Are you looking to get Security+ certified? Are you a total n00b like I was? I may have a few reflections on the process to share with you. Now, six months after my initial goal to take the Security+ exam, I am finally certified. Hopefully, you won’t do what I did.

Thinking about taking Security+?

At the start of 2019 I was managing a small niche art library, having graduated with Bachelors of Fine Art some years prior. I have always been a technologically gifted person, but I did not have any proper “tech” experience at the outset of my Security+ studies.

By May…


Acronyms abound, but all you really need to care about is your own personal privacy. Skip to the bottom for a quick walk-through to setup DOH in Firefox.

Here’s the deal folks. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) cannot see specifically what you do when you’re on any given website, but they absolutely can and do snoop the websites you visit. This kind of data collection about you is super valuable, as in $$$ valuable especially to advertisers, but also to law enforcement. Though, if we’re being honest, maybe some of you don’t really care about being hyper-targeted by advertisers or some…

Katy Vonk

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