Katy Wyman
Dec 1, 2017 · 2 min read

“What’s more important than process is mindset.” –Peter Merholz

Developing a Systems Mindset

  • Embrace complexity
  • Suspend the need to solve
  • Look for the non-obvious leverage points
  • Understand the level in which you are intervening
  • Work within your sphere of influence
  • Account for delays
  • Avoid unintended consequences

Mindset #1

There are no rules in UX Design. It all “depends.”

Mindset #2

We seek to solve real-world problems. Problem solving is the bedrock of our role definition. In a sense, we are like detectives working to unlock the best possible solution.

Mindset #3

Research is our secret weapon. Our ability to effectively understand the user provides a unique advantage in making sound product design decisions.

Mindset #4

Our curiosity leads to forward-thinking discoveries. We seek solutions from different vantage points, resulting in otherwise unimaginable solutions.

Mindset #5

The collective is stronger than the individual. Solving for many requires a team of many. The best experiences account for a variety of perspectives.

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