Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

Friday involved a lot of eating: $10 for a cider with coworkers, $22 on a schnitzel sandwich and an uncommonly delicious beer at a beer garden, $8.17 on a crunch shake from Milk Bar, and there might have been something else but I must have paid in cash.

Saturday morning I got an apple fritter and a coffee for breakfast ($8), then spent $10 on laundry (my new laundromat is more expensive than my old one…it was $6 for a large washer and then $2 for 45 minutes of drying, and I had two dryers). Throughout the day I spent another $50, almost on the nose, for several drinks, fancy bar snacks (pickle tots, sausage bao, and a cheese plate), and several games of pool.

Sunday we went to Mah Ze Dahr bakery which is very delicious and had the best thing there, the cheddar jalapeno scone, which tastes like a delicious mutant child of a pao de queijo and a scone. Also split a donut and had a coffee ($11.25). I stayed at home the rest of the day without spending any money.

I got a surprise payment from a self-published book on Amazon ($96), which sounds like a lot but it was backed up payments from the past 6 months.

So, $119.42 total expenditures, $96 in surprise earnings. Granted, my expenses were almost all related to eating and/or amusement, but at least I didn’t end up spending more?

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