What’s Your After Work Routine?
Megan Reynolds

I am an after-gym person. My hack is that I can’t let myself go home first. I have a NYSC passport membership and work out at the one next to my office, or else the one uptown where I meet a friend of mine. If I go home, the lag between being in my apartment and leaving to go to the gym makes the whole situation much more time- and emotion-intensive. This did involve a little learning curve in terms of how and what to pack in my gym bag, though. I also get really hungry so I can’t stay at the office too long if I want everything to work. Therefore it’s a real circle of life sort of thing that keeps me on a schedule, which I like.

Also while I respect before-work gym people, I find that it’s more therapeutic to have somewhere to go to blow off the day’s frustrations before I go home. The only thing I’m still trying to work out is how to then go home, eat dinner, and then start working on creative projects in an efficient way. Sometimes I get too tired or feel too unfocused to get any non-work work done after I eat (so after 8–8:30).

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