Expressions of interest invited. Deadline EoP 5/05/17

Are you on the board of a large complex company? Do your board and shareholders want it to be more customer-focussed, more innovative, more agile? Have you been tasked with leading it along the misty, treacherous path from reality to vision?

Does This Sound A Familiar Scenario?

“Fragmented operating systems get in the way of good customer experience. Your workforce is disengaged, demotivated and lack lustre. You’ve tried traditional consultants. They cost a bomb and don’t seem to make much difference.”

Let’s face it. Change is hard.. and most companies are getting it wrong. BEEP could help you get it right.

We have a major investment opportunity and will select three anchor partners to work with us at this early stage. This is your time-fenced opportunity to throw your name in the hat.

Who Can Apply?

You are a progressive board-level Enterprise Transformation Lead. You have a European remit. You understand that continuous improvement is synonymous with success. It is already running many of it’s applications in the cloud and encourages employees to bring their own devices.

Facing The Facts:

  1. Companies waste $12 trillion on failed transformation projects every year. Only 13% of the worldwide workforce is engaged at work.
  2. Top-down, ‘cannonball’ transformation does not work. It makes employees increasingly stressed, resistant and unproductive.

BEEP is based on cognitive science and over 160 years of combined experience. It detects and fixes problems as they happen, while embedding collaborative cultures of continuous innovation.

Some of the world’s biggest companies have called BEEP “game-changing”, “revolutionary”, “bureaucracy busting.”

If you want a chance to be a first mover mail me with BEEP Anchor Partner EoI in the subject line before end of play 5/05/17.