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Grandes notícias vêm por aí 👀

Recentemente, a comunidade global da Syscoin realizou muito e os últimos dois anos foram emocionantes para todos os envolvidos. Com o anúncio de 2 de dezembro se aproximando e tudo o que ainda está para vir, é bom para nós recapitularmos algumas conquistas e olhar para onde vamos no ano novo e além.

Marcos recentes

O Z-DAG, o algoritmo de consenso revolucionário exclusivo da Syscoin, começou em meados de 2016 como parte de uma grande ideia para transformar a forma como o nosso mundo transaciona, dando à população global uma maneira…

The SYS-ETH Bridge makes compliant token transaction fees 1 million times cheaper and up to 15 times faster.


Be it the DeFI surge, the sheer amount of running DApps or the 2.0 hype, Ethereum's mainnet is now undeniably clogged and gas fees (network transaction fees) have been off the charts lately.

Gitcoin ‘s Gas History plot (ouch!)

Decentralized economy is still a big taboo in many circles of society and so the tripod of usability, accessibility and functionality is as pertinent as ever.

When you’re simply trying to send someone 4 dollars worth of your token, paying 5 dollars worth in transaction fees alone is terrible enough, but just imagine the impact on a larger scale.

Unbalanced gas prices have been directly affecting how…

Ok, this is my first Medium post and it covers a lot of ground so I'll try to keep it as brief as I can. Constructive feedbacks are appreciated and be my guest to continue the conversation in the comments.

I couldn't find "Hackathon Winning " on so I believe it's safe to assume that we're still quite far from dealing with a modeled problem. Everything from this point on is solely based on my past experiences and worldview, don't be shy to share yours.

Keep in mind this is all coming from an engineering perspective (well, mine) but…

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