It all started

It all started after that night that I will hardly forget. Everything is just becoming more clear every day, every minute.

I still remember bitter taste in my mouth. Nausea. Pitch black darkness. Flashing emptiness. Fear. Void. I do not exist, nor does my mind. There is no future, no past — infinity has swallowed every possible realm, any concept I am aware of. Body does not respond to the orders of my will and the name I have associated with myself for years does not mean anything. I am inside an eternal black hole.

Voice inside my head screams: this is not how it’s supposed to be!

Stepping inside this room few hours earlier was surrounded by mystery, hope and expectations, I imagined hundreds of different scenarios and was ready to accept anything…anything, but unbearable sickening black nothingness.

Little did I know that that ‘nothingness’ would start paving a path to my very own truth, so obvious, but so hidden before. It would enhance my senses.

Regrets, expectations, control, irritation, despise poured out of me few hours later in a form of warm, salty tears running with the same pace as tired morning rain outside the window.

…that night I was testing out second out of twenty assignments that meant to fill up last year of my 20’s era with new perspective.

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