Suicidal Thoughts: The Troubling Lyrics Of Chris Cornell
Chris Slater

Thanks for the read. Granted, a complicated topic, so it seems that from what Cornell had said on Stern and other interviews, plus being raised in the fast and extreme environment that is “grunge,” moderation and half-measures weren’t in his blood.

Further, suicidal lyrics need not be taken literally. If I may make a small correction, “Like Suicide” is about a crow that collided with one of Cornell’s windows one morning. Startled, Cornell went out to find the bird and felt obligated, although hesitant and conflicted, to put it out of its misery (seemingly, with a brick). The word “murder” is used b/c a group of crows is sometimes called a murder. Thus, the crow lived like a murder (w/ their flock) but died by suicide (breaking its neck on a window).