Unique Ways To Reuse Old Indian Saree For Home Décor

Home décor is a very vital part of every household as its décor is the first thing that people visiting your place notice at first. Everyone loves to buy new and interesting decorative pieces for their abode to make it look like a dream or a palace of their very own illusions.

With people getting more and more concerned about the environment have now a days started focusing on reuse or recycling of their old stuff to create something new and interesting. The same can be done for home décor as well. One can easily make nice table covers, pillow cloths, decorative pieces, wall hangings, even sofa covers, etc. using their old clothes and other waste items.

This recycling of old clothes for creating colorful home décor pieces not only adds an old world charm to your place but also makes it look colorful, without making you part ways with any of your favorite piece of apparel.

The Do It Yourself recycling can be even more fun and exciting if you are born with the creative bent of mind and are willing to experiment with different kinds of fabrics. Traditional Indian saree is considered to be the best piece of apparel to reuse/recycle for making attractive home décor and home furnishing items.

If you also have some Indian sarees hanging on your wardrobe and you are no longer wearing them, then try making the below provided DIY home decor items to give your home a royal look.

Colorful Pillow Case/Cushions

This is the easiest and most useful DIY tip to reuse old Indian sarees, turn them into beautiful and attractive pillow cases for your bedroom. To make pillow case from an Indian saree at home all you need is a saree of your choice (preferably silk or cotton), scissors, pencil, ruler, sewing machine, measuring tape and sewing pins.

Be a little creative and add other fabrics and borders from your old dresses, gowns, etc. to make your pillow cases look royal. Make sure you cut the pieces in equal size with enough room for extra seams both at the front and back of the pillow case. Add sequins, motifs, decorative patches, etc. as per your personal choice.

Saree Curtains

Who don’t like having free flowing colorful curtains covering their windows and what can be more colorful than an old chiffon or georgette saree to make a curtain for your home.

Reuse the old plain saree for making window and door curtains, you can either mix and match them with your current set of curtains or get the new one made. Curtains look good when made with plain and self-embroidered old sarees. You can add brocade borders to them if you love traditional Indian home décor patterns for your home.

Saree Bed Covers

Think creative when it comes to DIY ideas for your room, especially if you have no qualms in experiment with traditional Indian patterns and styles.

Bright, bold and colorful bed cover made from an old saree can be an excellent idea. Add velvet and other soft fabrics or any other fabric of your choice which you think will be suitable for a bed cover. Stitch them together or take help of your boutique expert to work on the bed cover for your room made using the old Indian sarees.

You can also get the matching pillow cases and cushion covers made from the left over fabric to complete your set and avoid wastage.

Saree as a Table Cover

Table runner made from an old saree sounds really good especially when you have most of the items used for your home décor inspired from Indian patterns. You can either use them as it is or get them stitched to your table size for perfection. Add laces, frills, brocade borders, etc. on the corners and then use them when you have a party at home. Your guests will find it really attractive and compliment you for the clever use of old fabrics.

Apart from these, you can use your old saree for making fancy bed canopies, table runners, sofa covers and even wall hangings if you can find old hand printed and art silk sarees for recycling.

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