Witness the joy of camel safari in Rajasthan

Camel safari is the ultimate option to enjoy the desert life in Rajasthan. Through this safari you can visit through the small villages of this region and can explore the lifestyle, culture and traditions of the locales. This safari is basically meant for those people who has good fitness and active level. This trip will take you a short hour trip else you can also expand the safari trip as per your preference. Riding a camel is not a tough task but it’s not very easy too.

The perfect time to enjoy the camel safari in Rajasthan is from October to February. During the trip you might be surprised by the amazing scenes characterized by the colorful and vibrant lifestyle of the locales throughout the year. Mostly the safari trip covers 10 to 20 kms in a day on the camel’s back. The jeeps and camel carts usually accompany the caravan to allow the travelers for rest and take a nap wherever they want and those vehicles are also carrying luggage and night halt camps. Mostly the night halt is in the small village areas where one can explore the real desert life and can spend some time with the local Rajasthan people.

During your safari trip you might be offered some traditional performances by local musicians and performers. The itinerary might include the trip in Jaisalmer and Bikaner. Some itinerary includes a trip towards Pushkar, Shekhawati and Osian region. The trip rate depends upon area of visiting and the comfort you opt. While booking a camel safari in Rajasthan do remember some major things which are highlighted below.

· While booking the package don’t hesitate to ask frequently questions about the offer package and the hidden charges.

· Also make sure that you are booking your package through a registered jeep and camel drivers during the safari. Their registration number is highly essential for the safety of you and your family.

· While travelling in the group make sure that you have a camel of your own family and also don’t leave the camel drivers alone with your luggage.

· Tame a good blanket to cushion your leg and it will also save you from the cold desert nights.

· Don’t forget to take sun screen, sun glasses and broad brimmed hat and most important water bottle to make your journey safe from the scorching heat of sun during the day time.

These camel safaris are also quite romantic. So explore this beautiful charm of the desert state with your beloved one and family and get a chance to hear the local folklores and yearns which are full of romance and medieval chivalry.