Fish Story

Things we forget, things we become.

Can you see those words coming

Curved, loopy, winding.

A bright television dream

Shiny, and blinding.

I see you try to avoid it

That lasso tight and snaky

Dodge and slide, turn and burn

But how far can you fake it?

You don’t want to be a shadow

You want to be the shade

Yet you’ve lost your soul

And melted… molten instead

Here now. Sing along.

Mouth your name into a song

There’s no going back

You’ve been lost for long

You see those words now

Looped, curved, winding

Wiping the road behind you

While the path ahead is dimming

No, tomorrow won’t be different

At all; here and now

Is all, you’ve got

To live..

And in this cold

Feel your soul

Come to life.