How to Study Efficiently and Effectively!

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With final season right around the corner, studying methods are important! What’s more important than how well you can store information in your brain? How well you can retrieve that information later! There are many methods an individual can use to make sure they are studying efficiently and effectively. Information can be easier retrieved when the information has been deeply processed, when it’s been repeated and practiced, and when it’s been studied over time instead of in one long session. The online study tool Quizlet allows you to do all that! You can create flashcards, play games and much more.

“Simple tools for learning anything.” Image source: Quizlet

Once you’ve created an account on Quizlet, you’re on your way to efficient studying. You can invite your friends and create a class to study with them, or you can work alone.

You can also browse diagrams and flashcard sets that others have made public instead of creating your own!

Screenshot of diagrams available on Quizlet. Image source: Quizlet

You can create a set of flashcards that will help you study vocabulary, terms or other information. You can import a document from word, excel, google docs or other programs or copy/paste text.

Screenshot of creating a flashcard set on Quizlet. Image source: Quizlet

For each flashcard, you enter a term and a definition. For both you can also add a voice recording. For the definition, you can also add an image. Add or delete cards as needed and then click “Create”. You’re now ready to study!

Screenshot of learning methods available on Quizlet. Image source: Quizlet

There are different learning methods you can use to learn your content:

The “Learn” method

You can do quizzes based on the content in your flashcards. You can also customize the quizzes to whether or not you want to answer with the term or definition. You can also choose the question types (flashcards, written questions or multiple-choice questions).

Screenshot of the learning method on Quizlet. Image source: Quizlet

The “Flashcards” method

The original method, where you test yourself using either the definitions or the terms.

Screenshot of flashcard method on Quizlet. Image source: Quizlet

The “Write” method

Tests you by giving the definition and asking you to type the answer. You can also customize it to ask the term and write the definition.

Screenshot of writing method on Quizlet. Image source: Quizlet

The “Spell” method

The term is read out to you and you type what you hear correctly to move to the next question.

Screenshot of spell method on Quizlet. Image source: Quizlet

The “Test” method

It uses the content in your flashcards to test you. It looks like a test which allows you to see how well you know the content.

Screenshot of test method on Quizlet. Image source: Quizlet

The “Match” method

A matching card game, where you match the definition with the term. It times how fast it takes you to match all the terms allowing you to challenge yourself to beat your best time.

Screenshot of match method on Quizlet. Image source: Quizlet

The “Gravity” method

A game where asteroids (with terms) fall towards earth. Your challenge is to write the definition in time before they crash.

Screenshot of gravity method on Quizlet. Image source: Quizlet

Quizlet allows you to learn content through practice and repetition. It’s useful for most types of learners, whether you’re a visual or auditory leaner. It tracks your progress, letting you know what you need to practice more. It helps you learn through testing because as mentioned before, what’s more important than storing? Retrieval!

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