Dolby Atmos for Headphones Changes the Game on Xbox One and Windows 10
Alex Rowe

Appreciate the prompt response!

Yes, I use it on the standard Xbox One and it IS a really lame issue! I certainly don’t want to keep my console on Instant On just to use DA, as I prefer to do a complete shutdown between sessions to keep things fresh and moving along smoothly.

I’ve already talked to MS support and they’ve given me a ticket number. And, I’ve reported the issue to Dolby through the in-app feedback feature. I’ve actually done that 4 times now with no response at all!

The crackling is random but it definitely happens at least a few times each hour. Sometimes, it’s so disruptive that I have to exit to dashboard and get back into my game/movie. I’ve been catching up on the app’s issues on multiple forums actually — some say they have to go into Audio Options, disable it and re-enable it to get rid of the crackling.

Perhaps there are less issues on a Windows PC or none at all? Not sure.

All in all, I don’t think the app has been properly optimized and really needs fixes. Whether Dolby is already aware or not is difficult to say. So no motivation at all at the moment to spend $15 for the license! Really is too bad because it’s a game changer… literally!

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