Yes man … for a year.

You’re on a deserted island. No food. No drinks. On a desperate last ditch effort, you come across a bag of kale chips(Don’t ask me how!)..(Also a hipster must have left it cos kale seriously?!). Not enough to live forever but just enough to keep you going for another day. You must be saying “ Great! What’s there to think about, just eat it!”. See, the thing is your whole life you have been a choosy little bitch. If you were home, you wouldn’t even feed this to your dog.Too spoilt for your own fucking good. “No” is the word that prematurely ejaculates out of your mouth when someone offers you something that makes you even mildly uncomfortable. And it was ok and you got by, because you never had to say YES. Too comfortable in your own sweet little-protected world. Now, if this island turned out to be a foreign country where you don’t speak the common language and are a poor student trying to get by, unable to get part-time jobs due to the language barrier, what is one to do? Say YES! to anything. To everything. It has now been a year and a half. I have yet to decline a single opportunity that I have come across. I know the movie ‘Yes man’ made it seem like everything will be great if you say yes to everything,but I would love to disagree.

Here is my experience saying yes to everything for a year:

  1. Doors you never thought even existed will open for you.
  2. You’ll meet (or be forced to meet) and interact with people with whom you would never otherwise #shyboyalert
  3. You will love some of the work that comes by.
  4. You will absolutely hate the rest of the work or odd jobs and curse the fuck out of yourself for not having the balls to say no.
  5. You’ll question and loathe every decision you have ever taken that has led you to this miserable meeting or job that you must now endure.

But the sad part is there is no way of knowing how it’s going to turn out. But it’s an experiment you must try out at least once in your life. I suggest at least 6 months. Cos honest to god, there’s no better way to understand yourself and what you enjoy, by constantly doing what you fucking loathe.

Be well. And say ‘YES’. For sometime atleast.

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