I know you and You know me. I am Radhika and You are xyz. We know few about each other but beside it do You know yourself with whom you are 24×7 ?

In my school days there was my English teacher Mrs.Pushpa Gupta mam who one night said me to go and write on my mirror that “ You are important, You are beautiful, You are unique and You are best”. She told me this because I was feeling low. I was in hostel so teachers were around me all the time wether it is day or night.Some days later I realised that she told me to write this all because when we are looking at the mirror, we are actually looking at the most beautiful creation of God. The one who is best and can do anything whatever he/she can think. Our mind is so powerful which can make us or destroy us only in few seconds. In my neighbourhood there is an old lady, few days ago she was very sick. Many doctors checked her and gave medicines but she lost all her hopes. Then two days later her granddaughter came who is also a doctor and said that this is very special tablet and I ordered it from America , this medicine saved many lives and you will be fine soon. The lady took them and got well only in three days . U know why because she trusted her granddaughter and convinced her mind . It’s all the magic of me mind . You become what you think. If you dream big, define your own success, stay motivated and work hard, there will be no limit to what you can accomplish in life. Everyone gets sad, discouraged and low at some points but it’s only You who can deviate your mind, bad to best and also best to worse. It only depends on You. We are always surrounded by people who discourage us, make fun of us but there will also be some people who trust our abilities. So it’s better to focus on the shine rather than the darkness. Whenever we say I want to do that( your goals), then some people are always ready to laugh on us and to say that you cannot do it and we get distracted. They think that if they cannot do means everyone is like them. Sometimes we also doubt ourselves. But just because some fools laughed and said that you cannot, it doesn’t mean that they are right. For example I wrote this article, people who know my abilities know that they are my thoughts but the one who don’t know my bright side is ready to comment that it is a copy paste. If you will ask them why cannot I do that ? 95% of them don’t have answere because they too never thought. There only moto was to discourage you so they said without even thinking why. People don’t know your past, your abilities and your goals they just judge you by whatever they look. So neglect them and be focused on your goals and positive persons in your life.

Charles Kettering said that Believe and act as if it were impossible to fail. And i think he was absolutely right. You should kept yourself away from negativity and trust yourself. Starting may be bad but don’t allow fear of failure to destroy your goals. Keep doing, one day you will definitely become what you think. You can and You will. You are unique, you are beautiful and You are best. Stay determined,Stay motivated, stay strong and never forget to smile. It may not solve the problem but always gives you confidence to face them.