Kloop’s Liverpool take on Mourinho’s Manchester United

Liverpool and Manchester United have biggest Rivalry in football history.The two clubs are the most successful English teams in both domestic and European competitions,and between them they have won 38 League titles, 8 European Cups, 3 UCL’s, 4 UEFA Super Cups, 19 FA Cups, 12 League Cups, 1 Fifa Club World Cup, 1 Inter Continental Cup and 36 FA Community Shields.This rivalry started way back in the 1945 and these two clubs despise each other big time.Liverpool had dominated the league until 1980’s and last their league title was in 1990, Manchester United have dominated since Sir Alex Ferguson took over in 1990’s ,these two have rivalled for the League title for years,but since 2008–2009 this rivalry has died down a bit.Both sets of fans hate each other ,but the onfield rivalry in terms of competing with each other for the league has come down.Liverpool have not competed for the league title since 2008 season except for the one year in 2013–14 when Suarez carried them to second , the famous Steven Gerrard slip caused them the League.Manchester United have not competed for the League since Sir Alex Ferguson left.Now it looks like these things are going to change again with superstar managers in Klopp and Mourinho taking over.

Mourinho has a separate Rivalry with Liverpool right from his Chelsea days.It all started with the Ghost goal in UCL 2005 semifinal ,Liverpool have twice stopped Mourinho form winning the UCL when he was at Chelsea.Mourinho in turn always dominated Liverpool in the league and also stopped them from winning the Epl in 2013.Mourinho has always had the last laugh against Liverpool.With Klopp now at the helm ,its a huge challenge for Mourinho and Manchester United.Klopp’s sides always have a habit of showing up for the big games so expect Liverpool to be firing on all cylinders even though they lost 1–0 to Southampton in the midweek League cup semi final.There was a feeling that Liverpool had one eye on this weekend’s game.

The weekends game provides some fascinating matchup’s.Klopp’s pressing against Mourinho’s pragmatic set up,it remains to be seen whether Mourinho is going to be Pragmatic with his setup or attack Liverpool’s suspect defense.Mourinho’s team always sit deep and hit on the break in the big games but this Manchester United side does not have defense to sit back and defend for 90mins.This team built by Mourinho is completely different from his other sides,this Manchester United side plays with pace and attack with their full backs high up the pitch,this team have a lot of flair players in Pogba,Mata,Mkhitaryan so it will be very intresting to see how Mourinho is going to set up his team this weekend.Do not expect Mourinho to attack right from the start because he knows Liverpool are a great attacking team,a team which has scored the most goals this year,so he is going to respect that and set up his team accordingly.Manchester United lost 4–0 to Chelsea this year,that was the game that forced Mourinho to change his formation to 4–3–3 since then Manchester United have not last in the league,they have won 6games on the bounce but they have not faced any great team like Chelsea in this run.They beat a Spurs team 1–0 which was a dull game from Manchester United’s point of view.So this Liverpool fixture will either show how far Manchester United have improved since the Chelsea loss or is it just a Manchester United team that can only beat teams that are below the top6.

On the otherhand Klopp’s Liverpool have had a great season,they have scored the most number of goals, they are second in the League,they have been a consistent side ,though they have had certain blips at times.They have always shown up for the big games,they have scored the most points in clashes between the top6 teams.They have already beaten Chelsea Manchester City and Arsenal,they have demoralised opposition at times like their 5–0 win against Hull City.They are a true title Contender but they lack the experience of a winner in their side.If you have a look at the Chelsea team at the top they have so many players that have won the league atleast once.Liverpool do not have a single player in their squad that has won a title anywhere, just not in England.But this is where Klopp’s experience comes into play,his former team Bourissa Dortmund had not won the league in many years but he made them win 2 league titles,so he knows how to create a team of winners.

Liverpool may not win the league this year but they are well on course to have years of competing for the league in the near future.Klopp may be the one who brings back Liverpool to the top of the perch again in the near future.Klopp’s team press high up the pitch,play at a tempo that can be compared with a FIFA game,they come out flying out of the gates for the big games, so the first 15mins of this game is crucial for both sides.Its surely not going to be a boring game like last one at Anfield where Manchester United Played for a draw.Both teams need a win this week so expect both teams to attack and therefore this can be intresting as well as an entertaining game.

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