Uber’s new pricing masterstroke: No surge lightning bolts or is it?
Shrinivas SG

“ Your Uber driver just turned into an auto-driver with better information on traffic and demand.”

Completely disagree on this one. There are two main differences why this is significantly better than autos.

  1. Auto drivers do not understand or have data on the entire demand network. So, they end up overquoting than what they should.
  2. The problem with autos was not so much the price. It is a market after all with alternatives. You can just choose not to take it. The pain was haggling with them. It is a frustrating experience. You don’t have that here.

Knowing price upfront (rather than a variable range) makes me more comfortable as a customer. I don’t need to worry about whether the driver is taking the route on the GPS or anything else.

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