Create your Happy Ending

Nothing more. Nothing less. Just a few Things

Creating Ends

I was proclaiming with myself today: is a happy ending created 
The happy endings of what our lives are supposed to look like is something we must all reassess.We must first understand where this conception of “happy endings” comes from.

To live someone else’s definition of the happy ending is to throw away the gift that resides in each of us that the world is waiting to be introduced to.

Today I’d like to share with you few ways you can create your very own happy ending without waiting for Mr. Right!

#1.Be Friend to Yourself
The only way to build healthy friendships is to be a friend to yourself. When you realize what you need to be healthy, safe, and content, then you can recognize how to be a better friend to someone else.

#2.Create a “Happy List” in Your notebook
 Create a list of activities that bring you instant happiness.

->cooking a beloved recipe from memory
->long chats with loved ones over morning coffee
->hosting a small intimate dinner party
->Eating chocolates beneath the table.. and much more

#3.Make Decisions With Your Mind, Confirm with Your Heart
Don’t lead to the results we desire when it comes to significant life decisions. While I always check in with my intuition/gut/etc on any life altering decision, I first do my homework.

The happy ending has so many wants, and I think we all do to some extent, exists. It exists because we are here and can choose to be the master of our own happiness or give the reins to someone else. I don’t know about you, but I’m holding on to my reins, thank you very much.