What Do You Want To Be Remembered For!


I wish people could realize all their dreams and wealth and they could understand that thats it they are here for. I would like to let you know that your experiences are going to affect others and this is how you serve this world.

“Every second that you live you are never going to get back. You are never going to get to change what you do. Live how you want to live. Act how you want to be remembered, because you never know how long or short you are going to be here. — Emily Doberstein”

You are ready and able to do beautiful things in this world. 
When I was child my parents always told me, you could be whatever you want to be, you can do whatever you want to do.It took lot to understand.

Confucius once say- ”He Who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right”

I just want to ask you one question what do you want to be remembered for? I hope you want to be remembered as a grinder someone who fights that way who do not give up on their life not give up dreams do not give up goals.

Wake up! 
Stay out late .Do whatever you have to do to,get where you need to go.Stop caring whatever anyone says don’t expect anyone to believe in your dream just make it happen. it’s not in your checkbook, it’s not in the savings or in your job,but the flight is in your mind .There is always someone on your heels your place there’s always someone with more talent than you .
If you’re number one you got to act like you’re still number two trying to get there, these people are relentless you are always replaceable in the office, in sports and every year I tell you there’s always going to be someone with more ability with more privileged than you.

It's time to put your best!

The important thing is to start thinking about this question. Over time you can adapt your daily actions to who you want to be remembered for. It’s not an overnight process but something you will work on your whole life. What you want to be remembered for today might be different from what you want to be remembered for in 5 years. But to become more aware of this question and reflect on it helps you stay on the right path. So this is your chance to get started.

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