Is Reliance Jio really changing the Internet Face of India?
Jimish Jobanputra

Very interesting data. I have been using Reliance Jio since Jan 2015 (before public launch, since I was their employee). The speed was blazing 60–7–80mbps usually, with really really quick ping responses like 10–30 ms. The average speed has dropped below 10mbps since the public launch and call drop rates have never been this bad. There are various factors for this but yes, my consupmtion of internet data has gone beyond my own expectations. Watching 4K videos has become habit and instead of downloading movies, I started streaming shows and movies online using various services.

Better internet wont only change the profit margines for people but also it will force people to use their resources in much effective and ethical manner.

Lets hope for the best that they fix this bandwidth/user issue as soon as possible and also hope that other competitors come back with healthy and ethical competition.

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