Some travel there for a glimpse of the world wars, a few journey to amass learnings about the European Union, but many wander off to the land of Belgium simply for the merriment the nation has to offer in the form of its beer, chocolates and fries. For, fascinating as it might occur, this tiny country easily houses over a thousand breweries within its borders; a fact that might not seem as surprising if one were to know that the brewers of Belgium were among the pioneers of perfect beer brewing. Besides, if waffles and frites are among all those other Belgian things that occur tempting to you, allow this travel guide to show you the way to an effortless trip to this Western European nation.

About the Country: Lying in Western Europe, the sovereign state of Belgium shares borders with France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The territory of Belgium is divided into three federal regions: 1) Flanders — the northern, Dutch-speaking region of the country. It includes well known cities like Antwerp, Ghent and Bruges, 2) Wallonia — the southern, French-speaking region, incorporating a small German speaking region in the east near the German border, 3) Brussels — the bilingual capital region of the country and headquarters of the EU.


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