One topic you didn’t address is market protection.
Daniel Kahn

I think Daniel has a point.Unlike the Chinese ecosystem, which seems to be something that most people are discovering for the first time due to obvious reasons such as language, great firewall etc.

In my personal experience, most of my friends back home use FB Messenger, Whatsapp, Uber and Amazon as frequently as they use the local counterparts such as Hike, Ola or Flipkart. Till now most of the playbook has been drawn from the US, there are of course home-grown innovations like offline centers, cash on delivery but they don’t draw the same sense of wonderment as China evokes at least to me.

Companies in more regulated sectors such as payments, lending aka Ezetap, Paytm have more chances of breaking out and going in previously unthought-of ways.

Edit: Didn’t see Alex’s comment. The interesting thing is most new forms of reach will be shaped by globalized forces to a larger extent, so both inside and outside the target population.

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