I am FY-Btech student at MIT-Wpu, Pune. Due to my personal problems as well as health, I could not focus on my life goals and started thinking about the question WHY ME ??. My negative thoughts overpowered my positive ones. My closest friend told me to go and try doing some meditation, I said to her that I am not interested in this stuff and find this rubbish. She persuaded me said “ Trust me, you won’t regret “, and then this journey started.

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Me, lol.

I being a first timer did, what most of the people did SEARCH THE WEB AND FIND ANSWERS. I went onto Youtube and tried some video out. To be honest this just made my head pain and didn’t work out. This was the end to my self-guided meditation ft. …

Technology changes very fast, from big computers of almost of size of room to portable laptops,from very slow internet to really fast 4G network.Technology has a place in every dimension of daily life. Today i will talk about the drastic change in pendrives and will also review SANDISK CONNECT WIRELESS STICK.

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USB flash drives were invented at M-Systems, an Israeli company, in a US patent filed in April 5, 1999 by Amir Ban, Dov Moran and Oron Ogdan, all M-Systems employees at the time.The product was announced by the company in September 2000, and was first sold by IBM in 8MB capacity starting December 15, 2000.Lets …


Kaushiv Agarwal

A passionate Human Being on the planet, ready to Explore , Discover , Innovate , Travel and Love.

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