My First Guided Meditation

I am FY-Btech student at MIT-Wpu, Pune. Due to my personal problems as well as health, I could not focus on my life goals and started thinking about the question WHY ME ??. My negative thoughts overpowered my positive ones. My closest friend told me to go and try doing some meditation, I said to her that I am not interested in this stuff and find this rubbish. She persuaded me said “ Trust me, you won’t regret “, and then this journey started.

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Me, lol.

I being a first timer did, what most of the people did SEARCH THE WEB AND FIND ANSWERS. I went onto Youtube and tried some video out. To be honest this just made my head pain and didn’t work out. This was the end to my self-guided meditation ft. youtube, jokes apart the results I was looking for never ever came.

A few days back, I got a chance to participate in a personality development workshop PROJECT STEER conducted by our peace teacher. There were several great speakers covering various important life and social lessons. In the morning we had a mediation session, finally someone to help and guide me out.

To my surprise, I was doing the meditation wrong the whole time. it was completely different and relaxing experience this time. I could still remember the calmness, weightlessness, and positivity it provided me. In plain and simple words I just loved it. It was a three-day course and different types of mediation were thought for different time of day. like different types of meditation for morning, evening and night. The complete experience could not be told unless experienced, for me it was like…..

A higher state of consciousness, happiness, and calmness without the materialistic illusion of this world.

thank you.

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Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

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