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Murad was right. Americans didn’t hear her. That’s because people decided to focus in on another woman in close proximity to her…

I feel this turn of events diminishes me as a human being. This is a stinging indictment of our collective apathy, ignorance, and the egregious vacuity of our daily engagements with our surroundings.

That said, I am a bit disappointed at your rebuke being directed at ‘people’, Esther. Is it not the mainstream media that is at fault here? You have pointed out several media headlines. If the news media continues to ignore what is truly important and focus instead on irrelevancies (which, in this case, additionally reduces an accomplished woman to a fetal incubator status), how are the people to blame?

You may argue that the news media is only giving people what they want, thereby setting up a vicious cycle. But that, to me, would be an argument for laziness and shirking of responsibility on part of the media.

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