If Trump Wins, I’m Not Leaving

Your words show love for your country, sense & resolve, Peter, bravo! I, however, hope you recognize (and I think you do) that your ability to do what you propose — to stay back and resist the inevitable onslaughts on democracy — is a privilege via your citizenship, not to mention the fact that you’re not a PoC.

As a legal immigrant who has made this nation his home for close to a decade and a half, as well as a PoC, I am extremely worried about the future of scores of immigrants, legal or undocumented, should this particular presidency come to pass. You have already seen and commented upon in your essay what is unfolding right now; what I find terribly worrisome are that (a) this campaign doesn’t baulk at enabling and abetting vileness of all sorts, and (b) the candidate’s bilious vitriol is percolating through younger generations, which has the potential to pervert the very ethos of this nation. Of “Truth, justice, and the American way”, the candidate, along with his willing and gleeful myrmidons, has already demonstrated blatant disregard for the first two; I’m afraid, not unjustifiably, that they would spare no efforts at reconstructing the third in their own image.

I don’t want my home destroyed, and I’d love to stand shoulder to shoulder with you in the struggle to preserve the ideals of equity, fairness, economic weal, and social justice for all. The question is, will I be afforded that choice?

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