Introducing iBuySell — discover, buy, sell and share in real-time!

We launched iBuySell recently, a global online discovery shopping platform where buyers and sellers meet directly from around the world in a live fast paced environment

Summer is almost over and holiday shopping is around the corner. If you are someone who loves to shop brand names such as Michael Kors, Coach, Kate Spade, Bare Minerals or love to snag that vintage necklace at an incredible price, you will love the new fun way to discover, buy and sell products at a lightning pace - for a lot less!

There are many popular marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Poshmark, Rue La La and Gilt which are great to search products from catalogs when you know exactly what you are looking for. There are however many shoppers who do not have a specific product in mind and would rather discover new products that they are not aware of. This is a paradigm shift — from search to discovery based e-commerce.

So we created iBuySell — a new cloud-based real-time peer-peer global mobile online shopping marketplace where shoppers discover new products every minute under various categories such as for fashion accessories, clothes, handbags,shoes, beauty, jewelry, home, and electronics. The fun part is that instead of bidding up , as in a regular auction, prices keep falling from already discounted prices in real time till the first person hits the freeze button to purchase the item. Each live-sale lasts only a few minutes and chances are if you wait too long someone else will snap up the item.

Unlike most of the existing marketplace platforms, iBuySell is more about shopping discounts in a fast, fun, exciting and interactive manner. Discovering new items every minute is part of that fun experience.

iBuySell is a global peer-peer marketplace designed to move inventory quickly in real-time live sales.

How Does It Work?

Buyers keep discovering new products as the revolving showroom refreshes minute by minute with tons of new deals. Sales last for no more than 90 seconds and will give you a rush of excitement as you compete to win your favorite products at the best possible price. You’ll be faced split second decisions to either buy that coveted dress or purse at its current price or risk losing it to another shopper in hopes of getting a better deal as the prices fall lower by the second.

Users can download the app from IOS and Android platform and go directly to the live sale section or browse products under various sections. During a live sale prices start falling rapidly on products that are already discounted. Buyers wait for the prices to come down further but not too long as chances are someone else may purchase the item before they do.

Buyers can also browse items and tag their favorite items to get notified when the items go on live sale.

Selling is easy and fast, just post pictures, write a description and shipping details and your product goes live. Sellers also have an option of uploading products in bulk.

Discover Products Globally

iBuySell is a cloud based global platform available across 150 countries, users can now discover and shop products from around the world. Fashion lovers from Australia can now connect with their counterpart in Brazil and sellers from UK can find their buyers in South Africa!

For Sellers, For Buyers

Unlike most catalog based platforms, at iBuySell, new products get spotlighted every few minutes in various categories. Sellers get to move inventory quickly while shoppers get to choose their own price.

Sellers are encouraged to include a link to their existing sales channels in their closet to drive more traffic to their existing websites to drive sales and establish their brand.


Who Can Sell on iBuySell?

From women who loves to refresh their closets to fashion bloggers, individual sellers, entrepreneurs, retailers, virtually anyone who has something to sell can list and sell on iBuySell. Whether you are selling one product or thousands of items, listing your products is easy as snap and FREE.

iBuySell is a great way to move your unwanted items from your wardrobe at home and also get new ones!

How To List Products?

Uploading products is easy and FREE! Simply snap pictures of products, write a title, description and shipping details and your products automatically get listed in your closet. You can change the profile image, description and also add a link to your existing sales channel such as eBay, Amazon or Shopify websites to promote your brand.

Sellers can also choose to upload thousands of products quickly using an easy to use bulk upload template from the website.

Social Share

Sharing products is easy on social media. Sellers can invite buyers and drive traffic by sharing products listed on their closet by clicking icons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Whatsapp or via email. Buyers can make a purchase directly from their favorite social media platform.

Buyer’s Credit

iBuySell makes it easy and rewarding for inviting friends and family to shop together on our platform. Each user gets a unique link to share and invite their friends via Facebook, Twitter, email or Whatsapp. When their friends join they get $5 off on their first purchase and the referrer gets $5 when their friend makes their first purchase.

Every buyer also gets $5 towards their first purchase when they join iBuySell.


Sellers can ship products right from the app by printing a prepaid low-cost shipping label. Once an item has been purchased by the buyer, the seller can print a shipping label from the app and ship the item. Sellers can also choose to ship the item on their own using their own shipping labels.

iBuySell is a simple but powerful platform. At its core, it is about making buying and selling fun, fast, easy and cheap. Our mission is to democratize the selling process and make it fast and affordable for small businesses, boutique owners, individual sellers, and retailers.

We welcome everybody to join us and experience the new way to buy and sell online, check us out at or download the app at Your first $5 is on us!