A brief abstract autobiography

Different moods

Call me an abstract thinker or a highly analytical human if you must.

I long for shared intelligence, deep conversations, good hygiene and open minds. I am a technology professional working in an interdisciplinary role. I run in constant (and often concurrent) cycles of studying, experimentation, creation, tweaking and evolving. I dive deep into anything that catches my attention.

I work in intersections. I code, I help others understand technology, I write and more or less pick up any skill that my mind wanders into. You can see my works on my website and on Medium, under the publications called “Mind’s I” and “Postman Engineering”.

I seek solace and calm through activity and wisdom. I am at my most comfortable when I deal with challenging problems. Think of me as a radioactive isotope if you must.

I think in patterns and measure using efficiency and sustainability. Long term sustainability is the biggest virtue that I look for in everything — in life, in relationships, in human rights, in animal rights, in politics, in nature and in the world in general.

I believe that change begins at an individual level. I see collectives as a harmony of individuals and the world as a complex system of systems.

I love to cook. I could probably choose being a chef as an alternative career choice.

In the long run, the ideal me wants to build sustainable solutions for some of the most fundamental problems that we face today, including in education, transport and economy.

I am terrifyingly methodical in my approach. A side-effect of which is that I often end up blabbering unsought details about the minutest of topics. I have been called “pedantic” while making love, so gauge the level.

I identify as non-binary, genderfluid and pansexual. I am in a polyamorous relationship with three partners (one of whom I am married to), but I always look forward to explore new mental landscapes. The body is what but a vessel through which I express myself.