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Python debugging redefined

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The word debugging means fixing potential bugs in a program. The basic steps in debugging include recognizing that a bug exists, isolating the source of the bug, identifying the cause of the bug, determining a fix for the bug, applying the fix and test it. — Computer Programming Principles/Maintaining/Debugging, WikiBooks


Running Python Scripts as actions without Dockers

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Check out the action developed here:

Why Python?

I am using GitHub actions for quite some time and I believe that it has a lot more potential than the current usage. I have seen a lot of use cases of GitHub actions to automate tasks but one noticeable thing was that the…

Analyzing Covid Tweets With Python, Pandas, & Plotly

Image by Author (Created using Google Drawing), A Collapsed view of the result

Recently I was assigned the task to analyze a Covid tweets dataset containing around 44k entries and this blog describes all the steps I took to create some beautiful visualizations and at the end deployment to the cloud platform Heroku. …

Exploring ExplainerDashBoard, the easiest way to Develop Interactive DashBoards

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Machine Learning Dashboards are a great way to interpret models. These usually describe the inner working of the model and provides interactive plots to discover model performance, feature importances, or “what if” analysis! All this can is generated with a few lines of code plus if you want, you can…

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