Images : Eyecandy for websites

It’s been a long time since I last wrote, but some things are worth returning to.

So I was working on Foodspark, (hosted here) an academic project in a team of 5. Since I was the only one lightly accustomed with working with HTML, and designing, I was designated lead front-end designer :P, and also the only one working on the front-end.

One of the major aspects of designing webpages, I realised is images. Yes, images; who would’ve thought ? People are dumb, everyone knows. And at the end they’ll be the ones using your website. They can be easily amused; and irrespective of the intellect, they enjoy images since it does not really involve thinking in any way. Designing the front-end took 4 days, of which selecting the right images took 48 hours+. But at the end, I think it paid off.

Realising how much I had improved in making webpages, I decided to remodel my website as well; given that I had plainly copied someone else’s website and it was nowhere near what I desired. The importance of images was reinstated. And as far as I’m concerned, it looks rad.

So the next time you’re off to making webpages, never undermine how important selecting the right images are.

A great resource for HD images is , and you don’t need to worry about permissions for using their images.