Their dying childhood…

I pretend to be a political person, but I don’t understand much of it! Same goes with religion, democracy, wars, brexit, trump, and all that! 
Anyways, I have always believed that children should be brought up positively. They should learn and talk about science, and math and cartoons and play stations!

Today, in my local pharmacy, while I was waiting to get my meds, a l’il boy went up to the hefty store-guard and asked him, if he was a garda (policeman in Ireland). He said ‘nah, I am just guarding this store’! 
To this the boy goes, ‘aaah, is it because of ’em bombings’. There was a brief, awkward silence…after that, much to the embarrassment of the boy’s mother.

See, this is my fundamental problem now. How will you protect the innocence of a child and perhaps of a generation, exposed to an environment of constant fear, extremism and hate?

They will grow up pretty soon, how will you justify the rights and wrongs. They will start judging their neighbors. How will you, much like our old parents, make them believe in ‘but the world is a beautiful place’ phenomenon. When in reality, its no longer one!

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